If you need to make changes to a booking after it has been confirmed, here are the steps required:

First, it is recommended to discuss the change before submitting a request with the host, this way, you have a better chance of them approving the change.

1, Login to your Inbox: https://www.accommodirect.com/accounts/inbox/

3. Select your Conversation page, then find the correct booking, comparing the Booking-Code and click the ALTER RESERVATION button.

(You can now alter your dates, change your guest and room number ).

4. Click SEND and you're done. You'll see your booking status should say "Alteration request - pending host approval".

5. The host needs to approve the change. Our system will automatically notify them but it is recommended for you to also message them to speed up the approval process.

Once the host has approved the alteration request all is done.

Extra Notes:

If the alteration change increases the amount for the booking: You may need to click the BOOK IT button, and select either EFT or Credit Card to settle the difference.

If the change decreases the amount for the booking: We will automatically refund your card, If you paid via EFT/direct deposit, please email your booking code, and your bank details to support@accommodirect.com so we may refund you. 

The maximum amount we can refund may not be the full amount of the booking - depending on how many days remain before check-in, and which terms the listing is set to. Read More

Note: If the ALTER RESERVATION process doesn't work for you, you can always ask the Host to send you an entirely new booking request (offer) and then cancel the existing booking request.

PLEASE NOTE : You are not able to alter a NightsBridge enabled listing. If the guest wants to add an additional night/guest, you would need to do another booking.